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A Mobile App That Finds You A Local Fitness Partner

In the Development Stage


In the Development Stage

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An App To Be Known In Every Gym


How Can The App Help You?

What if you can use an App that can relate to your mindset, strengths, weaknesses and beliefs? Let’s take a look at a special alternative to the challenge of working out. Whether you’re looking for a weight loss partner, motivator or lifting partner, Gym Buddy can help you find your perfect match. Your Gym Friends will socialize with you, motivate you and improve your overall fitness and health.


Sometimes, the biggest motivation that your workout buddy can provide is before and after your workout. Your gym buddy will keep pushing you and give you the extra motivation that you need. Your fitness buddy is not just there to spot you but to motivate you or to help you reach your top physique. Seeing better results will keep you motivated to strive for more.

Improve your health

One of the keys of building muscle is to work out until you cannot push anymore weight and have reached your pump. One of the keys of losing weight is to burn calories. The Gym Buddy App will have great solutions for you. Yet the app will become your gym buddy and it will show you how to improve your overall wellbeing. We would really love to share it with you!



Find your gym buddies and gain friends or someone you might find attractive. Match and add buddies to socialize with them, join the community and find other people who can relate to you and share the same passion.


The App has been designed to be bright, attractive and polished. Working out can be fun and even more fun with your Gym Buddy. If you want, the app can help you find more than just a gym buddy and maybe even a life partner!

What is Gym Buddy?

Gym Buddy is a mobile App that finds you a local workout partner. Through a filtering process, you will be able to find your match by entering your fitness level, fitness goal, location, gym, type of activity, schedule and more.

The App is designed with many features for users, including having the app become your excercise partner.

From your device, it will help by keeping you motivated, improving your results and wellbeing. The app has been in development for a year now. It’s time to spread the word and share the app with the entire world.

Gym Buddy, the app will calculate a health score for you and as your health improves, so will your health score. Another feature of the App will include educational tips and workout programs. We are excited about all of the App’s features and we cannot wait to share the whole App with you!

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Join the Gym Buddy Community and we will notify you of our progress, send you exercise workouts, training tips, well-being tips, and so much more. Become more knowledgeable on nutrition, supplements, and workouts. Be a part of the movement and what will be the next changing point in the fitness and health industry.

Find The Right Person & Improve Your Physique

Logging into the Gym Buddy App when it releases in April will allow you to find a gym buddy. Someone that can be there for you every time your body is asking to exercise but your mind isn’t. You can improve your overall wellbeing and obtain a great shape by using the App’s functionality.

Build Your Awareness & Improve Your Health.

Improve your health and overall physique by using our Workout Programs, where thousands of exercises are located in one feature. We will have workouts in bodybuilding, powerlifting, aerobics, isometrics, callisthenics, CrossFit, stretches and more. Find more workout partners through the App and become more social with all of your new friends. Stay tuned about our progress and we will build the App together making it into a social media health and fitness App.

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Becoming a Fitness Adviser

In the Gym Buddy app, there will be individuals who would prefer a more advanced workout partner. With this being said, while having a great “Health Score” level, a fitness trainer, health adviser, nutritionist, etc. will be able to share their own workout programs, health and fitness tips, direct users to their accounts,  share their own pictures and videos, and use a feature in the app to boost their client’s fitness level and health. Send us an email and we will explain everything in details.

Gym buddy Fitness Mobile APP

Gym Buddy Fitness Mobile App

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Founder of Gym Buddy: Nikola (Nik) Jevric

Gym Buddy Team: Mohamed Youssef, Roger Lassey, Djordje Jevric, Jorge Lopez-Quintana, Becher Nama, Krystina Davidson. Karim Mohamed, Ayman Bouhssini and THE GYM BUDDY COMMUNITY.

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Email us: info@gymbuddyconnect.com

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