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Why you should have a gym buddy

Posted on Mar 11,2017

Let’s admit it!! Many of us have those lazy days and don’t want to get up from the couch and do something productive. This is just the tip of the iceberg but it is a known challenge most of us face on a daily or weekly basis. Here are some benefits that you can gain by simply having a workout buddy next to you.

  1. They are not used to your old habits: They don’t see value in wasting  time when  you are sitting and laying around.
  2. They might know something else: At times, your buddy isn’t following your exact fitness plans and eating your same fit meals. Usually, you would gain more, if not a different point of view  from your buddy by listening to them and seeing what they do differently that works for them.
  3. You work out harder: Whether it’s pushing each other to do another minute of cardio or another set with extra weight, creating  a friendly competition or whether its something you want to prove to them, especially to yourself, you will always push yourself more when you are motivated with your gym buddy.
  4. Figure it out together: Two or more minds work better than one. You’re can compare techniques, share routines, help each other workout and  try new exercises.
  5. Personal Cheerleader: Sometimes I cheer on my gym buddy. Everyone can use the extra push in their fitness program .  Depending on the person, it has to be done right.
  6. Being Safe: Having a spotter for on/offloading the weights is important and valuable. Also, working out with someone can help you do your exercises properly to avoid injury. We all can use a Gym Buddy.


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